Bloody Creek Murder, A Winston Radhauser Mystery 6, Susan Clayton-Goldner

Another great novel I have to read! Now on my TBR pile. A great way to spend the summer–reading!

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Bloody Creek Murder, A Winston Radhauser Mystery 6, Susan Clayton-Goldner

Bloody Creek Murder: A Winston Radhauser Mystery: #6 by [Clayton-Goldner, Susan]

General Fiction (Adult), Mystery and thrillers.

Well, by now Radhauser is feeling a bit like an old friend. I know if ever I had need of the police I want someone like him on the case. He’s moral, dedicated but not one of those folk who want to find someone to blame, anyone will do, for him it needs to be the right person.
This book shows too well the pressures the police often face by the media to find a culprit, but like Radhauser I feel finding the actual person who did the crime is important, not just someone to keep the police looking good in the eyes of the media. In this day though, when appearance is all, when money, elections, voting and popularity are so important its simple to be sucked in and take the easy route…

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July’s Hottest Thriller Releases

Ludwig does it again–makes my reading pile totter and threaten to fall! But what a fall. What thrillers! Hot summer nights and these novels. Got it?

Ludwig's Thrillers

July is finally here! If you’re a thriller addict, you’re definitely in luck – the hottest thrillers of the year are releasing this month! Looking for your dose of endless suspense? Look no further, these badass authors have got you covered.

THE TWO LILA BENNETTS – Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke

Release Date: July 23rd

Summary: Lila’s life is split in two, because of a bas decision that she’s made. In one life, Lila is captured in a cell and has to investigate the identity of her kidnapper while attempting to survive – how does her captor know so much about her? In her other life, Lila believes she’s being stalked. Is she, or is she just being paranoid?

My thoughts: This was one of the first books that completely surprised me this year – in the best way. The concept is original, and when this awesome…

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