6 Hidden Psychological Thriller Gems You Should Own

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1. BEFORE SHE WAS FOUND by Heather Gudenkauf

I still believe that readers should be talking more about this book. I categorized this one as “one the most mindblowing, twistiest mysteries I’ve ever read” because I really was taken by a moment of vertigo the second I finished.

What happened that night when teenager Cora is discovered on the tracks of the abandoned train yard, bloody and clinging to life?

I had to read the entire final lines of the ending over and over again, then go back to re-read the prologue, completely struggling to wrap my head around what I’ve just read! Highly encouraging you to pick this one up, fellow readers!


It’s been a year since the Catalog Killer terrorized the sleepy seaside town of Camera Cove, killing four people before disappearing without a trace. 18-year-old Mac…

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Val’s Review of Attica Locke’s HEAVEN, MY HOME

I can’t let Ludwig have all the fun reviewing crime and thrillers. Here’s my review of a book I highly recommend.

Attica Locke creates stories rich in setting and character and entwined with history. (Bluebird, Bluebird) The plot of her latest, HEAVEN, MY HOME, is not only intense but complex and multilayered. Levi, the nine-year-old son of an Aryan Brotherhood leader, goes missing. Texas Ranger Darren Matthews is assigned to find him. As crime novels go, that would be ordinary, except Matthews is black and must follow the law even when faced with legal and moral issues. One of the settings he’s called to, Hopetown, was created after the civil war for freed slaves. Now white supremacists live there too, making a living off people who are nostalgic for anti-bellum Texas.

Matthews comes into the assignment with personal problems, including a mother who doesn’t have his best interests at heart, a vulnerable marriage, and a past investigation that haunts him. As a character, he’s so fully fleshed out that I feel as if I know him, making his story the kind I yearn for as a reader.

Heaven my home.jpg

I won’t go into any more plot details as other reviews have covered those. I do enjoy how Locke interweaves Texas history in the novel, plus pulls us into a world in 2016 that is more conflicted than it was a few decades ago. Like a Pandora’s Box of Bigots, the racists have become emboldened and don’t fear the law. Levi the nine-year-old is a bad actor, but questions arise for Matthews as well as the reader as Matthews must put aside his feelings and search for the boy. Should Levi be held to same standards as his racists’ relations? Is his hate conditioning or something more rooted in his genetic make-up?

Locke leans heavily on the idea of forgiveness. Should we always try to forgive, or are there times we cannot afford to forgive?

I’m always drawn to crime and thrillers that ask big, bold, and uneasy questions like these. Early in the novel, Matthews says:

“Maybe the rules had to be different. Maybe justice was no more a fixed concept than love was, and the poets and bluesmen knew the rules better than we did.”

Maybe so. Think about that for a minute before you dive into the novel because once you do, you’ll be too swept up in not only what happens, but what choices the characters must make. Walk in their boots. Experience a time of both past and present, times that make moral and legal choices so difficult.

THE BETTER LIAR: Tanen Jones Delves Into a Story About Sisterhood and Maternal Drive in Her Debut Thriller

I’ve added this one to my stack as I love sister stories. I’ll let you know what I think!

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“If I tell you how it happened, maybe you’ll remember me as well.”

The Better Liar(January 2020) is a quick, clever, mind-bending thriller with a literary touch that explores a complex side of sisterhood, and the meticulously explained topic of maternal drive – how is “maternal instinct” cultivated? It was exhilarating learning about these elements as the Vreeland sisters – two complex, fully-rounded characters – narrate the story and take us to their awful, harrowing past.

This book is about a young woman who must reunite with her sister in order to claim their joint inheritance, only when she arrives at her apartment, she finds her sister…dead. The story starts off with this main perturbation, continues with slow-building suspense, which relies on providing the reader with intrigue and curiosity regarding two girls’ ridiculously insane plan, all the way to the cuckoo ending.

That’s where the…

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Bloody Creek Murder, A Winston Radhauser Mystery 6, Susan Clayton-Goldner

Another great novel I have to read! Now on my TBR pile. A great way to spend the summer–reading!

Jeannie Zelos Book Reviews

Bloody Creek Murder, A Winston Radhauser Mystery 6, Susan Clayton-Goldner

Bloody Creek Murder: A Winston Radhauser Mystery: #6 by [Clayton-Goldner, Susan]

General Fiction (Adult), Mystery and thrillers.

Well, by now Radhauser is feeling a bit like an old friend. I know if ever I had need of the police I want someone like him on the case. He’s moral, dedicated but not one of those folk who want to find someone to blame, anyone will do, for him it needs to be the right person.
This book shows too well the pressures the police often face by the media to find a culprit, but like Radhauser I feel finding the actual person who did the crime is important, not just someone to keep the police looking good in the eyes of the media. In this day though, when appearance is all, when money, elections, voting and popularity are so important its simple to be sucked in and take the easy route…

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July’s Hottest Thriller Releases

Ludwig does it again–makes my reading pile totter and threaten to fall! But what a fall. What thrillers! Hot summer nights and these novels. Got it?

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July is finally here! If you’re a thriller addict, you’re definitely in luck – the hottest thrillers of the year are releasing this month! Looking for your dose of endless suspense? Look no further, these badass authors have got you covered.

THE TWO LILA BENNETTS – Liz Fenton and Lisa Steinke

Release Date: July 23rd

Summary: Lila’s life is split in two, because of a bas decision that she’s made. In one life, Lila is captured in a cell and has to investigate the identity of her kidnapper while attempting to survive – how does her captor know so much about her? In her other life, Lila believes she’s being stalked. Is she, or is she just being paranoid?

My thoughts: This was one of the first books that completely surprised me this year – in the best way. The concept is original, and when this awesome…

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A missing sister. A mother searching for the truth. Psychopathic tendencies. Letters from a killer. Creepy cabins. Dark forests. Dreams. Nightmares. Blizzards. Yes, yes, yes, yes!

When I read that this book is a hybrid between Silence of The Lambs and The Dry, I just had to dive in! Upon finishing, I’m glad to report that How Quickly She Disappears is a debut thriller where suspense successfully rivals Gillian Flynn. It had this moody, depressing atmosphere as the events took place in an isolated village in Alaska, and it just made me savor this read word for word.

Elisabeth can’t help but cling to the belief that her sister who vanished 20 years ago, is still alive. When an odd, mysterious visitor comes to her home, he tells her he knows exactly what happened to her sister. He won’t reveal this truth to her. Well, unless…

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Review of TEMPER CA–Heartbreaking & Healing


Heartbreaking & Healing: a tale of love & loss in a small California town

Joy rolls into Temper CA, back to the town she both loves and hates and doesn’t understand, for her grandfather Isaac’s funeral. This universal tale of angst and confusion revolves around the relationship Joy had with her mother and father, hippies of the 70s who lived in one house with their friends and did the usual of the period—slept together, drank, built their shared house, took acid, and brought their child up to live free and discover life with little guidance.
The complications that arise are microscopic and macroscopic, from dealing with the secrets and truths of her upbringing as a child and why she went back and forth to live with her grandparents, to the larger issues of economic disparity and race.
Award-winning author Paul Skenazy draws us into Joy’s story with language that alternately soothes and upsets. The short chapters create suspense and tension as Joy pieces her life together, finding truths that keep her from being at peace with herself and her girlfriend Angie. As many of us who came from small towns can relate, Temper, CA introduced Joy to a family she thought she knew, but didn’t. My heart hurt for her when she realized she’d created her own past, and she wished things had been different not only for herself but for those she loved, and even those she thought she hated.
A brilliant novel, deserving of all accolades and our reading pleasure.
Paul Skenazy’s website:


REVENGE IN 3 PARTS – Valerie J. Brooks

I can’t thank Ludwig enough. Not only for his review of my noir novel but for keeping me up-to-date with the latest thrillers. He knows his craft (and what he loves), and I wonder what would happen if he applied what he knows to writing his own thriller. What do you say, Ludwig?

Ludwig's Thrillers

Do you guys remember the show Revenge featuring Emily VanCamp? I was a huge fan of that show, so you can imagine my excitement once I got the chance to dive into this read that features such an addictive tale revenge.

In REVENGE IN 3 PARTS By Valerie J. Brooks, we have a powerful heroine called Angeline who goes on an investigative mission to avenge the death of her sister Sophie. However, this is not an easy task and Angeline knows this. She’s willing to sacrifice the people that she loves in order to accomplish her goal.

This book turned out to be the perfect combo between Second Life by S. J. Watson and Flamingo Lane by Tim Applegate. Author Valerie knows exactly how to ambush the reader with twists and turns throughout a powerfully written psychological thriller. I feel like this book might be just what you need to…

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Fantastic Find at the Bookstore #3: Mapping the Months

I love finding out from other authors and readers what they love. In the following, blogger and author Becky Ross Michael collects a number of books and this selection was a complete surprise to me. I didn’t know about bookmaps. Did you? Can you imagine what that was like before the internet, how exciting it would be? Now we can actually Google maps that show us the neighborhood as if we were standing there, surveying the area. But before that, in a mystery book, a map would have made us feel that we were there, in the setting. Thanks, Becky! I’ll be hunting the shelves now.

Platform Number 4

December and January are common months in which to buy a new calendar or to receive one as a gift. I’ve saved several collectible calendars that were given to me over the years, including those bearing wonderful illustrations or photos from Norman Rockwell, Dick and Jane readers, and one of my favorite television shows of all time, Castle. While digging through the sale bin at a bookstore, in 1998, I found an excellent calendar marked 50% off, probably because we were already well into spring, even by Michigan standards. Why would I buy a calendar that late in the year? Besides the price being great, this calendar pictured a style of book that I’d already been collecting for years…the Dell map back!

map backs mineMap backs (or mapbacks) were published by Dell, beginning around 1943. These paperbacks are often mysteries,  are numbered (over 500), and feature a map on the…

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